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Find Google Search, Public Gdrive with DeDigger - A platform to find anything from Public Google Drives

Find public files in Google Drive


Google Search, Public Gdrive

DeDigger is an innovative tool that allows users to search for and find public files on Google Drive. It's like exploring an old attic on the internet, where keywords are your flashlight​​. This tool offers several benefits for various users:

  1. Advanced Search Options: DeDigger provides multiple ways to refine your search, such as using the OR operator to expand search terms, grouping terms or operators for precise control, excluding words, searching for exact phrases, or focusing on specific file types like '*.rar'​​.

  2. File Type Variety: It supports a wide range of file extensions, enabling users to find documents, images, audio, video files, and more. This includes common formats like .pdf, .doc, .mp4, and .mp3, among others​​.

  3. Environmentally Friendly and Diverse Search Engines: DeDigger integrates with search engines like Ecosia, which plants trees with the profits from searches, and Petey Vid, which offers diverse, non-biased video results. This integration not only enhances search capabilities but also contributes to environmental and social causes​​.

By utilizing DeDigger, users can efficiently access a vast array of public files on Google Drive, tailored to their specific needs or interests, while also supporting ecological initiatives and experiencing diverse search results.

Don't you find what you are looking for?

Tip to make effective Search on Google

Expand Search with 'OR': Use 'OR' to search for multiple terms. Example: Search for either "brazil" or "brasil" by typing brazil OR brasil.

  1. Group Terms for Specific Searches: Combine terms with parentheses for focused searches. Example: To search for "Rio" in either "brazil" or "brasil", type (brazil OR brasil) Rio.

  2. Exclude Words: Remove unwanted terms by adding a minus sign. Example: To search for "brazil" but exclude "rio", type brazil -rio.

  3. Search Exact Phrases: Use quotation marks for exact phrases. Example: Type "Brazil Digital Report" to find that specific phrase.

  4. Search by File Type: Limit to certain file types with an asterisk. Example: To find RAR files, type *.rar.

  5. Search Within Text: Use 'intext' to find words in titles or document bodies. Example: To find documents with "brazil" in the text, type intext:brazil.

Google Search, Public Gdrive


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